If you’re looking to walk a little closer with God or trying to find God altogether, Pilgrimage is the place to be. God will touch you in ways you never imagined. I got such a blessing from going to Pilgrimage. I learned so much about myself, about God, and about my relationship with God.
— Heather

I am so thankful for the annual offering of Pilgrimage and the people who continually and tirelessly work to make it possible. As cliché as it sounds, Pilgrimage has been a life-changing experience for me. Not a sudden, burning bush, mountain-top experience kind of thing, but a gradual re-awakening of my soul to God’s presence in my life. At Pilgrimage, seeds of faith, grace, and commitment were planted; months and even years later, a song can pull me back to that weekend and encourage more reflection and spiritual growth.
— Lisa

Pilgrimage has changed my life forever! Actually, God working through Pilgrimage has changed my life. I’ve seen God work miracles in people’s lives, in big and in subtle ways. I’ve watched people drag into the event, looking for a reason to continue, and then seen them leave with a spark in their eyes and a smile on their face. I’ve seen people minister to one another through laughter, hugs, smiles, and tears. I’ve witnessed God touch people where only He could touch. I’ve witnessed God pour out His abundant blessings on those gathered in many ways. I know for a fact, that my personal relationship with God will be forever impacted by what God has done through Pilgrimage. Thank you, God, for Pilgrimage!
— Greg

Pilgrimage was life-changing; it was revival times infinity! Each time I have gone, I have been met with just what I needed. It was a time of tears and ultimate joy all wrapped up in the best weekend ever.
— Gail